Community Relations & Communication: A talk with PSBA’s president-elect David Hein

On this episode of Keystone Education Radio, hear from PSBA’s president-elect and Parkland School District’s board president David Hein on his district’s drive to continuously learn, grow and communicate effectively, and what he calls failing forward.

Creativity through Curiosity and Celebrating Mister Rogers’ Legacy

Mister Rogers was a learning scientist, and his approach with children was certainly ahead of his time. Today, learning scientists are focusing on the same things Mister Rogers taught children through the lens of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” — things like developing curiosity, finding creative solutions, communication skills, collaboration, and self-acceptance, how to be a good friend and a loving person.

Empowering Students Through Mentor Relationships

Discover the work being done in Philadelphia schools between the Office of School Safety (OSS) and its students, particularly young black males, through its Leaders Encouraging Achievement and Development, or LEAD, mentoring program.

Feeding PA: On a Mission to Help Our Neighbors in Need

On today’s episode of Keystone Education Radio, host Annette Stevenson speaks with Jane Clements, chief executive officer of Feeding PA, on the programs and partnerships the organization has with farmers, schools and even county fairs to support those in need.