Learning Transformed – Technology Best Used

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Host Annette Stevenson talks with Thomas C. Murray, director of innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education, about how technology plays a role in personalized learning, and how educators can be empowered, to in turn, empower their students.

Maximizing instruction through online learning with Khan Academy

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Our guests in this episode, Jason Hovey, director of school partnerships with Khan Academy, a non-profit organization, and Dr. David Baugh, superintendent of schools for the Centennial School District join us to take a multi-perspective look at how online learning can fit into the needs of diverse and unique learning communities.

Experts discuss technology’s effect on increasing learning, engagement

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In this episode, hear three experts discuss technology’s effect on increasing learning and engagement in schools. PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains talks with Dani Finkel, creative director at FUSFOO, Dr. Shirley Disseler, Lego Education trainer and education chair at High Point University, and Andrew VanWylen, Eidex Client Engagement Manager.