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Listen to Students building windmill during elementary science class podcast

Creativity through Curiosity and Celebrating Mister Rogers’ Legacy

Mister Rogers was a learning scientist, and his approach with children was certainly ahead of his time. Today, learning scientists are focusing on the same things Mister Rogers taught children through the lens of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” — things like developing curiosity, finding creative solutions, communication skills, collaboration, and self-acceptance, how to be a good friend and a loving person.

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Innovative summer education; ‘Dude. Be Nice’ project at Reading SD

In this episode learn about Teachers In the Parks (TIPs), Exeter Township SD’s innovative approach to teaching students during the summer. Also PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains talks with Brent Camalich, CEO of “Dude. Be Nice,” an apparel company that strives to inspire individuals. The company recently featured a Reading High School volunteer in a video that went viral.

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Introducing Keystone Education Radio

A short introduction to Keystone Education Radio, the type of content we will publish and a call for suggestions on topics or questions you would like to hear answered by public education professionals in Pennsylvania.