Not Only Fun and Games: The Rise of Popularity in Esports

On this episode of Keystone Education Radio, podcast host Annette Stevenson is joined by Bill Thomas, chairman of the Pennsylvania Esports Coalition. Annette and Bill discuss the rise in popularity of esports (electronic sports), the connection to STEM curriculum and the potential that the industry holds, as well as how it can be implemented into schools across the commonwealth.

Keeping Students Safe While Learning Online

On this episode of Keystone Education Radio, podcast host Annette Stevenson is joined by Daniel Eliot, the director of education and strategic initiatives for the National Cyber Security Alliance. Daniel provides insight into the roles that parents, teachers, school administrators and students play in staying safe online. Topics covered include protection against malware and ransomware, how to prevent cyber bullying and Zoom bombing, the distinction between personal and school-issued devices, and simple steps to maintain the integrity of devices.

Maximizing instruction through online learning with Khan Academy

Our guests in this episode, Jason Hovey, director of school partnerships with Khan Academy, a non-profit organization, and Dr. David Baugh, superintendent of schools for the Centennial School District join us to take a multi-perspective look at how online learning can fit into the needs of diverse and unique learning communities.

Experts discuss technology’s effect on increasing learning, engagement

In this episode, hear three experts discuss technology’s effect on increasing learning and engagement in schools. PSBA Executive Director Nathan Mains talks with Dani Finkel, creative director at FUSFOO, Dr. Shirley Disseler, Lego Education trainer and education chair at High Point University, and Andrew VanWylen, Eidex Client Engagement Manager.