The Impact Foundation: Students Serving Their Community

On this episode of Keystone Education Radio, Podcast Host Annette Stevenson is joined by a panel of adults and students who run York Suburban Education Foundation’s Impact Foundation, a student-lead extension of the organization. The group discusses the objectives of the Impact Foundation and how it has adapted to serve the larger York Suburban community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Purple Dreams: Portraying the Power of an Arts Education

During the 2019 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference, we sat down with keynote speakers Corey Mitchell and Robin Grey to discuss their film Purple Dreams. The duo discusses their experience advocating for arts education, the impact it has had on students they’ve mentored and their journey to creating the film.

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A Seat At The Table: Encouraging Student Voice

In this episode, Asia Mason, project manager of student voice with the Pittsburgh Public School District (PPS); Sam Bisno, a senior at the Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, also known as Pittsburgh Obama 6 – 12 and Prishti Tyagi, a sophomore at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, discuss how their district and local community are not only permitting but prioritizing student voice in decision-making.