The Impact Foundation: Students Serving Their Community

On this episode of Keystone Education Radio, Podcast Host Annette Stevenson is joined by a panel of adults and students who run York Suburban Education Foundation’s Impact Foundation, a student-lead extension of the organization. The group discusses the objectives of the Impact Foundation and how it has adapted to serve the larger York Suburban community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years: Launching Earth Challenge 2020

In this episode of Keystone Education Radio, Earth Day Network (EDN) Education Coordinator Kira Heeschen joins us to discuss Earth Day’s upcoming 50th anniversary, the world’s largest coordinated citizen science campaign, Earth Challenge 2020 and the importance of student and youth involvement.

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Foundation Growth: From the Ground Up

An education foundation can supplement a schools’ programs and new initiatives, where constrained school district budgets have little room to expand or absorb new expenses. Starting up a foundation may seem daunting. This episode focuses on the startup and growth of Warrior Run Education Foundation, founded six years ago in support of rural school district, Warrior Run.