The Basic Education Funding (BEF) equation is complicated and even where there is a solid budget and an existing education foundation at the school district level, there is an integral role that a community foundation can fill. Central Susquehanna Community Foundation’s CEO and President, Holly Morrison along with the foundation’s Chief Advancement Officer, Kara Seesholtz will share the origin and work of their organization and the ways they support the operations of a district-level education foundation.
Skip to: 01:26 Describe the work of Central Susquehanna Community Foundation.

We are here to help individuals, families, businesses and organizations fulfill their philanthropic interests and passions.

Skip to: 02:17 What are some of the biggest impacts your organization has been able to accomplish?

Overall our foundation grants out more than, this past, year 2.7 million dollars.

Skip to: 08:42 How does your organization work in tandem with, or in support of foundations at the school district level?

It’s good to have a diverse committee that includes parents, school board members, individuals from the community, to have a really good group working together.

Skip to: 12:39 What are the benefits to a school district when working with your organization?
Skip to: 17:08 Does a school have to work with a community foundation in their community region?

Community foundations all work towards the same goal and that is to help people with giving and doing more for the community.

Skip to: 18:54 Does your organization offer resources or professional development opportunities for district foundation leaders?
Skip to: 19:38 What would your recommendations be to a school district who is either looking to start up a foundation, or is in the early stages of being established?

M. Holly Morrison, D.Ed., President and CEO of Central Susquehanna Community Foundation

Holly reports directly to the Board of Directors and has the overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Foundation’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. Holly works closely to develop, maintain, and support her strong Board of Directors while supporting each of the affiliate boards including Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation, Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation, Sunbury Area Community Foundation, Danville Area Community Foundation, and Berwick Health & Wellness Fund.

Kara G. Seesholtz, Chief Advancement Officer of Central Susquehanna Community Foundation

Kara is responsible for developing and strengthening Foundation relationships and assuring donor stewardship across the region on behalf of the Central Susquehanna Community Foundation and its affiliates, fundholders and community partners. She works together with the President and CEO to develop and implement strategies for all communications, including website content, social media, events and marketing materials. Her work encompasses the Berwick Health and Wellness Fund, Bloomsburg Area Community Foundation, Sunbury Area Health Foundation, Selinsgrove Area Community Foundation, Danville Area Community Foundation and various other donor-advised, field of interest, agency and school district endowments, scholarship, designated, unrestricted and pass-through funds established at the Foundation.

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