Carving a Career Path: a Case Example for Lowering the Dropout Rate in Columbia County

Talking with leaders from the Central Columbia School District, we’ll hear about how one district has created the Career Pathways high school, a unique program that creates a spark, and leads students to meaningful professional paths. Listen in and find out more about how they are reducing dropout rates in the Central Columbia School District.

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Understanding the Generations

Talking with author, speaker, consultant and generational studies authority Chuck Underwood, this episode is centered around today’s living generations and pre-generation (the current K-12 student populace) and how they communicate, learn, live, and work based on distinct core values and experiences.

This episode was recorded at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, where Chuck Underwood provided a keynote address.

To know more about multi-generational board culture, read the Jan/Feb issue of Bulletin magazine:

Find out more about Chuck’s research and insights:

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Early Intervention and Suicide Prevention in Schools

As part of our overall focus on safe, secure and healthy school environments, and as second in our series on suicide prevention; this episode is focused on the importance of early intervention and upstream approaches. To help us understand this complex and potentially grave topic, we’ll talk with Dr. Perri Rosen with the PA Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services at the Department of Human Services. She is the project director of the Garrett Lee Smith Youth Suicide Prevention grant.

Additional Resources:

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Empowered Teachers will Empower Their Students

Recorded recently at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, host Annette Stevenson talks with Dr. Robyn Jackson, keynote speaker, educator, author, and founder of Mindsteps, Inc. a company that offers workshops, courses, online resources and consulting in support of empowered educators and the students they teach. Hear more about the importance of building on unique strengths, and getting to the heart of unique challenges in the classroom. Make an immediate difference as an educator. Become empowered to transform your students educational experience. Tune in to hear how.

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Learning Transformed – Technology Best Used

Recorded recently at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, host Annette Stevenson talks with featured speaker, Thomas C. Murray, director of innovation for Future Ready Schools, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education. He has also co-authored several books including the most recent, Learning Transformed, 8 Keys to Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, Today. He is with us in this episode talking about how technology plays a role in personalized learning, and how educators can be empowered, to in turn, empower their students. With the increased demands on school leaders and educators, he’ll share insights on how to avoid the one-size-fits-all approach to educating, and create equitable educational opportunities for all.

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Kindness and Compassion vs. Bullying and Violence: A Sustainable Solution for Schools

Darrell Scott Rachel's ChallengeRecorded recently at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, host Annette Stevenson talks with keynote speaker, Darrell Scott, writer and founder of Rachel’s Challenge. Creating a school climate less susceptible to harassment, bullying and violence is possible. Darrell will talk about the impact of fear and harassment and likewise the difference that can be made through kindness and respect. His daughter, Rachel was killed during the Columbine High School shootings, and since then he has been working to inspire and equip every person to create a permanent positive change in schools, businesses and communities.

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Maximizing instruction through online learning with Khan Academy

Jason Hovey (left) from Khan Academy, and Dr. David Baugh (right) from Centennial School District.
Jason Hovey (left) from Khan Academy and Dr. David Baugh (right) from Centennial School District

Recorded recently at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, host Annette Gray covers online learning and the way it can further in- and out-of-classroom learning for customized, maximized instructional support. Conference session presenters and also our guests in this episode, Jason Hovey, director of school partnerships with Khan Academy, a non-profit organization, and Dr. David Baugh, superintendent of schools for the Centennial School District join us to take a multi-perspective look at how online learning can fit into the needs of diverse and unique learning communities.

Download a PDF of the conference presentation here


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Financial Literacy: Preparing Youth for a Lifetime of Responsible Money Management

photo (left-right) Annette Gray, Scott Bostjancic and Amanda Brigaman
(left-right) Annette Gray, Scott Bostjancic and Amanda Brigaman

This episode focuses on financial literacy for students. Host Annette Gray is joined by Mid Penn Bank’s Director of Education and Development, Scott Bostjancic, and Retail Market Manager, Amanda Brigaman. The discussion centers around the distinct needs and wants of the current student population, pertaining to banking and accessibility. Matching the expectations and traits of the first true native digital generation—how have financial institutions changed their approach to banking, and how do we prepare them to manage their own expenses and savings? Listen in to hear about financial education opportunities and practical tips to orienting youth to money management.

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An interview with Dr. G. Terry Madonna, columnist, political commentator and host of Pennsylvania Newsmakers, the state’s premier politics and public policy interview and commentary television show

This episode of Keystone Education Radio, recorded during the recent 2018 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference features guest and conference speaker, Dr. G. Terry Madonna. He is Professor of Public Affairs, and Director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs at Franklin and Marshall College. Additionally, he is the founder and director of the Franklin and Marshall Poll, which was the original Keystone Poll dating back to 1992, and the host of Pennsylvania Newsmakers, a weekly statewide news and commentary program. He joins podcast host, Annette Gray covering topics pertaining to education funding, the upcoming gubernatorial election, the impact of the female vote, and the evolving political landscape.

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Teen Driving: Reducing Risks and the Importance of Parent Involvement

This episode will address teen driving, safe practices and the essential role parents play. Today’s guest, Violet Marrero, consumer safety administrator for NJM Insurance Group will help us cover a topic that impacts each of us in some respect.

If you’re among the hundreds of millions of licensed drivers on the roads today, the topic of teen drivers and the risks affiliated with drivers aged 16-19 is one that has become prevalent in the headlines covering far too many incidents, and what appears to be avoidable car crashes. If you’re the parent, grandparent or family member of a teenaged driver, the concern is more immediate, and near to home.

An average of 229 fatal teen driver crashes occurs each year in Pennsylvania. What can we do to reduce the risks affiliated with teenaged drivers? NJM Insurance has adopted a complimentary program called “Share the Keys” now available in PA high schools. Learn more about Pennsylvania’s Graduated Driver Licensing laws and some practical tactics for parents and guardians to employ in helping their children become road-ready.

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