Dyslexia: The Hidden Obstacle to Literacy

Dyslexia is a language based learning disability impacting up to an estimated 20% of the population (according to the International Dyslexia Association). Early detection and specific instructional methods have been determined as significant keys-to-success for those struggling against the challenges the disability presents.

An Education Vision Plan for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association, in collaboration with numerous other public education stakeholder groups came together to form a visionary roadmap for public education going forward. The Commonwealth Education Blueprint is the result and it’s in phase 2 development slated for completion in early 2020.

Learning, Emotional Wellness and a Dog’s Ability to Impact

A child’s ability to learn and grow begins with emotional well-being. In the school environment, there may be any range of scenarios where stabilizing is required before the learning can begin. This is where a therapy dog can be a key contributor to the success stories, where occupational, speech, or physical therapy services are needed.

Foundation Growth: From the Ground Up

An education foundation can supplement a schools’ programs and new initiatives, where constrained school district budgets have little room to expand or absorb new expenses. Starting up a foundation may seem daunting. This episode focuses on the startup and growth of Warrior Run Education Foundation, founded six years ago in support of rural school district, Warrior Run.

Agriculture in PA: An Interview with Sen. Bartolotta & The Freight Farm at Trinity Area School District

Sen. Bartolotta (part one) and leaders of Trinity Area School District (part two) with their Freight Farm provide perspective around how agriculture can be introduced to students focused on different post-graduation paths.

Carving a Career Path: a Case Example for Lowering the Dropout Rate in Columbia County

Talking with leaders from the Central Columbia School District, we’ll hear about how one district has created the Career Pathways high school, a unique program that creates a spark, and leads students to meaningful professional paths.