The Hidden Gem of Public Education

In this episode of Keystone Education Radio, we are joined by Matthew Stem, deputy secretary of the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Dr. Lee Burket, director of the Bureau of Career and Technical Education, as they explore career and technical education as a vital part of the broader education system.

Communicating Without Words

During the 2019 PASA-PSBA School Leadership Conference, social psychologist, bestselling author, Harvard lecturer and TED talk presenter Dr. Amy Cuddy sat down with us to share her expertise on nonverbal communication and its influence in the school atmosphere. She discussed the impact of the body on the mind; how teachers, students and staff communicate; and elements to be mindful of when communicating in the education setting and beyond.

One District’s Move to Equity (Part 1)—Developing an Equity Program

This two-part episode out of a three-part series focuses on how one school district in Pennsylvania has moved to embed equity into its education practice. In part 1, Mr. Ken Nickson, the coordinator of educational diversity, equity and inclusion at Erie Public Schools transports us to the diverse city of Erie and its school district.

The Impact of Act 7: Saving Lives Through Hands-Only CPR

Act 7 of 2019 has just taken effect, requiring the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to develop and provide curriculum for hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to schools, now part of required high school instruction.