This episode will address teen driving, safe practices and the essential role parents play. Today’s guest, Violet Marrero, consumer safety administrator for NJM Insurance Group will help us cover a topic that impacts each of us in some respect.

If you’re among the hundreds of millions of licensed drivers on the roads today, the topic of teen drivers and the risks affiliated with drivers aged 16-19 is one that has become prevalent in the headlines covering far too many incidents, and what appears to be avoidable car crashes. If you’re the parent, grandparent or family member of a teenaged driver, the concern is more immediate, and near to home.

An average of 229 fatal teen driver crashes occurs each year in Pennsylvania. What can we do to reduce the risks affiliated with teenaged drivers? NJM Insurance has adopted a complimentary program called “Share the Keys” now available in PA high schools. Learn more about Pennsylvania’s Graduated Driver Licensing laws and some practical tactics for parents and guardians to employ in helping their children become road-ready.