Talking with author, speaker, consultant and generational studies authority Chuck Underwood, this episode is centered around today’s living generations and pre-generation (the current K-12 student populace) and how they communicate, learn, live, and work based on distinct core values and experiences.This episode was recorded at the 2018 School Leadership Conference, where Chuck Underwood provided a keynote address.

By the time we leave the classroom years, we now possess a pretty strong set of core values that we’ll keep largely in tact for life.

Skip to: 01:01 What do schools need to know about the current student generations?
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Chuck Underwood

Chuck Underwood is one of the pioneers who created, developed, and popularized the field of generational study.

He is the founder/principal of “TGI” – The Generational Imperative, Inc. – an Ohio-based generational consulting firm. He consults and trains corporations and organizations in Generational Workplace Strategy and Generational Marketplace Strategy.