In this episode of Keystone Education Radio, we travel to Ephrata Area School District (Lancaster Co.) to talk to students, staff and administrators involved in their Attollo Recruit program, an innovative program supporting equity in the district. The district was recently awarded a first-place Magna Award in the “enrollment under 5,000” category for its Attollo program. Attollo, which means “rise up” in Latin, is designed to help first-generation prospective students reach their postsecondary education goals and become leaders in their community. Hosting the podcast is PSBA’s Marketing Chief Laura Huggins, who talks with a group of students and staff from Ephrata Area administrators: Dr. Brian Troop, superintendent; Dr. Scott Galen, high school principal; Rick Gehman, school director; and students Nicholas Mich (grade 12), Biola Fatusin (grade 11), Aleah Johnson (grade 11) and Alex Nelson (grade 11). We also hear from Attollo Program creator Mr. Jordan Steffy.

Jordan Steffy with students Nick, Biola & Aleah
Principal Dr. Scott Galen and senior Nick Mich
Eleventh-graders Biola Fatusin and Aleah Johnson demonstrate their Rubik’s cube skills
Superintendent Dr. Brian Troop and board member Rick Gehman
Dr. Galen, Dr. Troop and Mr. Gehman