The 2020 U.S. Census will mark the first-ever to be conducted online to a large degree. Great attention will be paid to accumulating an accurate representation of the entire U.S. population, and the planning has been underway for the past ten years. Keystone Counts, Coalition Manager, Jo Lin joins us for this episode for a conversation around the upcoming census, and the importance of including the historically undercounted and underserved populations.
Skip to: 02:00 How can we ensure an accurate census?
Skip to: 08:08 How does a census impact education?

Historically, populations of immigrants and communities of color and children under 18 are the most undercounted but because this upcoming census is moving online, it also raises concerns that rural communities that don’t have access to broadband or populations that may not be as digitally literate, let’s say low income households or seniors, are also facing these more systematic barriers for the first time.

Skip to: 12:39 What efforts are being made to ensure accuracy and completeness in this 2020 census?
Skip to: 17:58 What can school leaders and educators be doing across the state to help support this?

Jo Li, coalition manager for Keystone Counts

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