The Pennsylvania School Boards Association, in collaboration with numerous other public education stakeholder groups came together to form a visionary roadmap for public education going forward. The Commonwealth Education Blueprint is the result and it’s in phase 2 development slated for completion in early 2020. In this episode, Heather Masshardt, project facilitator for the Commonwealth Education Blueprint, joins us to discuss the history and future of the project.
Skip to: 01:15 What is the Commonwealth Education Blueprint (CEB)?
Skip to: 03:55 Does it include different aspects of the educational equation?

It’s meant to address multiple strategic subject areas that make up the foundation of education.

Skip to: 06:29 How does the CEB differ from policy?

The Commonwealth Education Blueprint is really a vision statement.

Skip to: 07:56 How will the CEB guide districts with different needs, different demographics, and unique criteria?

In working on phase 2, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach for school districts.

Skip to: 12:11 What are the objectives of phase 2?

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