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An Education Vision Plan for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania School Boards Association, in collaboration with numerous other public education stakeholder groups came together to form a visionary roadmap for public education going forward. The Commonwealth Education Blueprint is the result and it’s in phase 2 development slated for completion in early 2020.

Learning, Emotional Wellness and a Dog’s Ability to Impact

A child’s ability to learn and grow begins with emotional well-being. In the school environment, there may be any range of scenarios where stabilizing is required before the learning can begin. This is where a therapy dog can be a key contributor to the success stories, where occupational, speech, or physical therapy services are needed.

Foundation Growth: From the Ground Up

An education foundation can supplement a schools’ programs and new initiatives, where constrained school district budgets have little room to expand or absorb new expenses. Starting up a foundation may seem daunting. This episode focuses on the startup and growth of Warrior Run Education Foundation, founded six years ago in support of rural school district, Warrior Run.